Welcome to the website of CERIA HARI-HARI ENTERPRISE (M) SDN. BHD.

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1.Corporate Profile

As Malaysia Progresses towards achieving a fully industrialized nation status by 2020, increasing is the need in all aspects of industries for products of quality and excellence.
Ceria Group was incorporated to meet this need. Since its foundation in 1986 as a supermarket company, The Ceria Group has continuously aimed at excellence in every field of its operations as it diversifies and grows in tandem with national progress. This, the Group has made possible through strategic alliances with the government and private sector both on the home front and internationally. The Group’s outstanding achievements are the result of the vision of the Directors of the Group.
Through the reliability and precision in fulfilling our objects, Ceria Group has obtained the confidence of many clients and has secured prestigious businesses producing for the local and overseas markets including Europe, Midlle East, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and etc.
These businesses have expanded tremendously which include the setting up of Ceria 99 chain stores throughout Malaysia. Simultaneously, we have ventured and produced a new image in the wholesale and retail business with a total number of 44 outlets altogether in Malaysia at this present moment. High buying demands have proven the excellent service and quality of our products. Even with the adverse economy downturn, we are able to overcome this problem with very little difficulty. Our joint venture counterparts, manufacturers and even our customers still support us all the way through.
Ceria 99 which has been opened under the chain store franchise system keep on investing and increasing in the number of outlets. It sells all products including porcelain, plastic goods, fabric, hardware, gifts, toys, shoes, household utensils, plastic flower, ladies costume jewelries, baby goods, clocks, traveling bags, ladies toiletries, wallets, stationeries, photo frames, crystals, canned food and many more which you cannot even imagine. The attractive part in our business is that all the local and imported goods are ranged between 99 cents to RM19.99 and above, thus providing the opportunity for the customers to donate the 1 cents to charity for a goods course.The Ceria Group is all about Turning Vision Into Reality.

2.Future Plan & Achivement
Due to a rising demand to accommodate the expanding industries in the whole of Malaysia, Ceria Group continues to work on expanding their resources to include the handling of businesses that are above our current scope and beyond the current service areas in the very near future. We hope to become the most successful leader in this wholesale and retail business and our main objective is to provide convenient services for the livelihood of customers and people at large.

3.Vision & Mission

To be a leading corporation providing high-class and competitive products and services to our valuable customers.

To provide innovative quality products and services that exceed customers’ expectation.
To continuously attract, retain and develop Human Capital.
To achieve market leadership and operating excellence in every business segment.

4.Social Responsibility

It is true to say that successful management comes from support given by the community. Our responsibility here is to provide opportunities to help the poor and the sick in whatever way we can. Our companies item pricing of 99 cents is good in the sense that whoever buys the goods will get back 1 cent which they can donate generously as charity. Achievement from this charity work for these few years is not very encouraging and not up our expectation. However, we will still continue to do our best and our deepest hope is believing in whatever we give, we shall be rewarded in future. This is a form of human social sympathy to those in need. Thus this giving out spirit is merely helping ourselves by helping others first. Through this non-stop charity of giving back, we also hope to attract more customers to Ceria 99 to buy our goods at a very reasonable and competitive price.